Client Area Documentation

Duplicate Items

The option to duplicate items is available by hovering over it in the admin. Additionally to the usual Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View, you will now see the option to Duplicate. By clicking the link it will duplicate the entire item including all the fields added. The duplicated item will be saved as a […]

Roadmap Settings

The roadmap is a dynamically generated list of future game releases. On the admin settings page, there are 4 display settings possible for the roadmap which controls if the games will be listed chronologically by release date, or additionally grouped by month, quarter or year. The default display setting is ‘Days’. Additionally you can set […]

Delete Unattached Files

In the media library, there is a filter called ‘Unattached’ files. This can be used to delete files not uploaded to a post in order to free up space. UnattachedĀ mean that the media file was uploaded directly to the media library, and not from within a post editor. Note that there are cases where files […]

Configurable games on dashboard page

The default amount of games shown on the dashboard page is 4 games. This can be configured on the settings page. Toggle the switch and enter a number. The following options apply: Default 4 Min 4 Max 10

Google Analytics

In order to track user usage of Client Area, Google Analytics is supported. Kindly contact us in order for us to set this up and provide you access to the Google Analytics Property and the available reports. Using your own analytics property To install the Google tag, copy the following code and paste it in […]

Section Labels

The default naming of Games, Promotion etc can be renamed according to your requirements on the “Settings” page. This allows you to change labels from the default “Documentation” to “Certification”, or “Promotions” to “Campaigns” for example.

Media File Upload Message

You can choose to add a message to staff, or anyone who is able to add content, to display a message on the “Upload New Media” page. This is generally used to fulfil company policy rules to clearly indicate which content may be uploaded and not.

Max Upload File Size

The max upload file size is a way to safeguard your Client Area storage and ensures uploads are completed correctly without failing. If the limit is reached, please contact support so we can increase this limitation if needed.

Dynamic Content FAQ

Dynamic content controls what users are able to see. It is important to choose the correct settings in order to not display restricted content to users that should not see it. This article explains the most common questions and solutions when content is not displayed as intended.

Dedicated Content Message

This setting allows you to set a custom message displayed to the user should the user have the direct URL to dedicated content. This can happen if customers share links between them or if staff share the direct URL of dedicated content.