Dynamic Content FAQ

Dynamic content controls what users are able to see. It is important to choose the correct settings in order to not display restricted content to users that should not see it. This article explains the most common questions and solutions when content is not displayed as intended.

There are 3 types of configuring dynamic content for users:

  • Exclude jurisdictions for all users
  • Restrict content by jurisdiction for single users
  • Dedicated content for users

The dedicated game, document or promotion is not visible for the user

Ensure that the jurisdiction set for the dedicated game is also available for the user if this option was set under “Edit User” page. If the user and the game do not share the same jurisdiction the game will not be visible. I.e. if the user is restricted to “United States”, the dedicated game for this user must also have selected jurisdiction “United States”.

If the dedicated game, document or promotion is shared among multiple users and the jurisdiction set for the game, document or promotions is also excluded in the settings page, it will not be visible for the user.

The user is still seeing a certain jurisdiction

If the user is seeing jurisdictions that have been excluded, make sure that the user does not have that jurisdiction selected under their profile. Only users where no jurisdictions have been set on their user profile are excluded from the jurisdictions you set under “Settings” page.

A dedicated game, promotion or document is still visible for the user

If a jurisdiction has been set to exclude from the settings page, only items which have this jurisdiction set will be excluded for the user. If the game, promotion or document has no jurisdiction set, it will remain visible. Similarly, if an item shares multiple jurisdictions, it remains visible as long as one of the jurisdictions set matches the settings.

I.e. if jurisdiction ”United States” is set to exclude for all users which do not have specific settings set on their user account, games, promotions and documents which have Jurisdiction “United States” and “Belgium” would remain visible since the user can view items from jurisdiction ”Belgium”.

The user has a jurisdiction exclusion applied but can access the content by link

If a user has either a jurisdiction excluded from the settings page, or a jurisdiction restriction applied on the profile page, the user can still view content via direct link shared with the user from any other user or staff which is able to view the game normally. Single pages of games, promotions or documents are not blocked from being accessed via direct link. This is not the case with dedicated content as this is not viewable via direct link for any other user but the one(s) selected in the dedicated content option.

A game, promotion or document is not visible to the user

If multiple jurisdictions are set for the game, promotion or document and one or more of those are set under global exclusions from the settings page, the item will not be visible since one of the set jurisdictions are excluded. This can be overridden by selecting jurisdictions on the profile page, which has higher priority.

For example, if “United States” and “Malta” jurisdictions are set, but “United States” is selected as an excluded jurisdiction on the settings page, the item will not be visible even though “Malta” is not restricted in anyway for the user. This may cause unwanted results when for example a game contains a jurisdiction which is also restricted for all users. It is possible to assign the user role of “User Unrestricted”, where jurisdiction restrictions do not apply.

This also applies to providers for platforms version of Client Area.