Dynamic Content FAQ

Dynamic content controls what users are able to see. It is important to choose the correct settings in order to not display restricted content to users that should not see it. This article explains the most common questions and solutions when content is not displayed as intended.

Restrict Content by Jurisdiction

Content visible to users can be restricted on the Edit User page. Only content linked to the selected jurisdictions will be visible to the user. This is a great way to display only relevant jurisdictions for each particular user.

Edit User Accounts

Any account can be managed by a user with Admin Role assigned or the users themselves on the front end. This can however be restricted.

User Roles

The level of access to Client Area is controlled by assigning user roles. This helps to restrict the backend from customers and provide user access to staff managing content on Client Area.

Adding Users Manually

Users do not have to register normally, but cancels be added manually by n administrator with rights to manage users.

User Registration

By default, users can register from the login page to create a user profile and request access to Client Area.