User Notifications

Note: This feature is currently in final testing phase and available soon.

The user notification feature can be used to trigger notification emails to users regarding new content or for admin purposes. Due to email spamming reasons affecting deliverability and preventing excessive usage, these notifications can only be configured by contacting us.

User notifications are transactional emails triggered by various configurable events occurring on Client Area. These are sent as a ‘digest’ email occurring daily, weekly or monthly. The general use cases are:

  • To update users on newly published games, documentation or promotions
  • To update users on updated games, documentation or promotions
  • To notify people in your organisation of newly added or updated posts

Conditions can be set in order to create highly targeted notifications. For a more complex use case scenario:

  • To update certain users or users roles on a specific doc type with a specific jurisdiction

For example: Update all user roles of ‘User’, exclude user ‘MarkB’, when doc type ‘Certifications’, or jurisdiction ‘United Kingdom’ is updated, as a digest once a week.

The following options can be set:

Notification forDetermines the post type and action handle‘New game published’; ‘Game updated’; ‘New documentation published’; ‘Documentation updated’; ‘New promotion published’; ‘Promotion updated’; ‘New provider published’;
ConditionalSend notification only if the post fulfils a conditionOne of the following options: ‘Jurisdiction’; ‘Game Features’; ‘Game Themes’; ‘Supported Languages’; ‘Doc Type’;
Send toSelect the user role this notification should be sent to‘User’; ‘User Unresertricted’; ‘Provider’; ‘Publisher’; ‘Admin’; or any specific users
ExcludeExclude from the configured ‘send to’ selection‘User’; ‘User Unresertricted’; ‘Provider’; ‘Publisher’; ‘Admin’; or any specific users
DigestSend the notification as digest and frequency‘No digest’; ‘Hourly’; ‘Weekly’; ‘Monthly’
Reply toSet a custom reply to name and email‘Name’; ‘Email’;
SubjectSet a custom notification subjectAny post data such as date, URL, title, jurisdiction, release date
Message BodySet a custom message bodyAny post data such as date, URL, title, jurisdiction, release date

Note: Conditional options set can only contain one type. It is not possible to combine multiple taxonomies such as ‘doc type’ AND ‘jurisdiction’. In this case multiple notifications must be set up. However, the notification can contain multiple options of the same taxonomy (i.e. multiple jurisdictions).

The notification will be triggered if the post satisfies at least one of the options. For example if the Game has ‘jurisdiction’ = ‘Malta’ AND ‘United Kingdom’ and the notification contains conditional ‘jurisdiction’ = ‘Malta’, the notification will be triggered.

Digest emails

It is recommended to limit the amount of emails sent by setting a daily, weekly or monthly digest interval. The notifications sent as ‘digest emails’ group the body content of the email template together. So it is recommended to only list dynamic details such as post title and URL so static text won’t be repeated (see below template example).


An important note regarding digest emails: It groups all applicable triggers for that notification. For example if the notification is set up to trigger for each game update, and you update the same game multiple times within the digest period, the game will be listed multiple times. In these cases the override option described below can be used to opt-out from including a particular update in the next digest.

Opt-in / opt-out of notifications

Admin and users can manually opt in or out from all or individual notifications on the admin user profile.

Override Notification

This option allows you to override some of the settings of notifications directly when publishing or editing a new game, promotion or documentation.

  • Choose whether you’d like to override an enabled notification or a disabled notification on a per post basis.
  • Choose whether to enable or disable that notification on a per post basis.
  • Choose whether to send a notification only once for updated and scheduled notifications.
  • Override the Users / User Roles that you want the notification(s) of the current item you are editing to be sent to.

For example, there is a notification set-up to alert the ‘User’ user role when new games are published but you realise that you don’t need to notify them of this particular new post and/or would like to override this and send to a different user role instead. 

Default email templates

Unless specified, notifications contain default templates. These can be customised to contain a wide variety of data available from each post type.

New game published:

Example for new game published:

'Subject': [global_site_title] - [post_title] Published

Dear user,

A new [post_type] has been published: [post_title] on [post_date].

[post_title] is available in the following jurisdictions: [post_term taxonomy="jurisdiction"]

Click here to view [post_title]: [post_parent_permalink].

Documentation updated:

Example for Certification updated:

'Subject': [global_site_title] - [post_title] Update

Dear user,

A new update has been made to [post_title] on [post_modified].

[post_title] covers the following jurisdictions: [post_term taxonomy="jurisdiction"]

Click here to view [post_title] update: [post_parent_permalink].

Digest template new game published

Example for a digest notification for newly published games (the body will repeat for each newly published game)

'Subject': [global_site_title] - Newly added games

[custom_field field="release_date" type="date" format="M d, Y"]
Jurisdictions: [post_term taxonomy="jurisdiction"]
<a href="[permalink]">View</a>

Example email of digest template above: