Dedicated Content

The dedicated content option allows you to select one or several users that restricts that particular content to only these users. Any other users are not able to view the content. This is a great way to restrict viewing of dedicated tables, exclusive games or promotions.

Dedicated content options are available on games, documentation and promotions. It is important to note that the available user selection and restriction is only available and applies to “Users” and not any of the other user roles. This means that staff are always able to view dedicated content both in the backend and the front end.

User RoleRestricted
Provider (only available for platforms)No
User UnrestrictedYes, if selected
UserYes, if selected

If a user has been restricted content by jurisdiction, and this user also has one or more dedicated games, promotions or documents, it is important that these games, promotions and documents share the same jurisdiction selections.

In case when jurisdictions are excluded for users, and the content shares the same jurisdiction, only the users selected in the game will be able to view it.

Note: The user must have been registered or created before it can be selected. If the content is not displayed as anticipated, please read the FAQ here or contact support.